E-STEEL Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2017. The engineering activity of our company covers the structural design of buildings, in all planning phases, from study-tender plans to detailed execution designs. Our main field of activity is the design of industrial steel structures, nevertheless we design reinforced concrete buildings, reconstructions, special cladding supporting structures, silos, mechanical engineering supporting structures, family houses and condominiums as well for both Hungarian and foreign markets.

To our clients, we provide continuous consultation and cooperation during planning, the result of which is the creation of a structure that meets all desired expectations.

We maintain good relationship with our alma mater, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. We provide thesis consultations and trainee opportunities for graduate students.


Our goal is to keep track of and apply international trends, both in technology and software, to provide our customers with economical and high quality structures. Our team has an open minded and innovative approach, we are committed to using the latest 3D and BIM technologies. In 2019 we started to implement parametric design for structures with complex geometry and good optimization possibilites. 

Softwares we use: Tekla Structures, AxisVM, Idea Statica, Rhino, Grasshopper, Karamba3D, Geo5, Dlubal Rstab

Our vision:

Our core values are reliability and partnership based on trust. We support creativity and good ideas, the priority of family and personal health. 

Our goal is to create an internationally competitive organization where high quality meets efficiency. Where all members of the company and partners are satisfied with the operation of our organisation and its environment.

Main partners:

In our list of partners we have organisations of different sizes and profiles. For the sake of mutual success, we work together flexibly, confidentially and in the absolute interest of the other party.

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Our Team

Levente Gősi MSc Civil Engineer

Levente Gősi

MSc Civil Engineer
Structural Designer

Péter Agárdi MSc. Civil Engineer

Péter Agárdi

MSc. Civil Engineer
Structural Designer

Zsolt Péter MSc. Civil Engineer

Zsolt Péter

MSc. Civil Engineer
Structural Designer

Norbert Huszár MSc. Civil Engineer

Norbert Huszár

MSc. Civil Engineer
Structural Designer